An Unexpected Development
The following text can be found at Capcom's official website.

"Capcom does not object to you creating a website which may contain reference to Capcom games
or characters, with the understanding that this is done as a personal activity and that you
do not intend to receive revenue by this use of our property. Also, we will not object to the
website as long as it is not obscene, defamatory, libelous, offensive or slanderous towards
Capcom, our products, or employees, or any third party; or violate any intellectual property
right or a person's right of publicity or privacy. This policy is in no way meant to be
interpreted as creating an agreement or grant of license from Capcom to you. So if you are a
fan of Capcom games, and you have a website that you would like to create, Capcom will not
object so long as you are working within the above stated criteria."

"An Unexpected Development" is in no way intended as a means to legally infringe on Capcom's
intellectual property. It is a fan work created solely for the purpose of entertainment, and no profit
was made in the creation and use of this project.

All sprites and programs used to make this comic are the property of their respective
creators and owners, with appreciation and credit given to those who ripped and/or edited any
and all sprites used in the creation of this comic.